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ARIM Technologies Shifts Focus, Changes Name

Company Reveals New Product, Website, and Branding

ARIM Technologies (ARIM) is now Avnos. This reflects the brand’s shift from a services-based company to a product start-up. “We decided to go through this rebranding exercise because we truly believe in the importance of brand alignment and how it impacts the way our customers and partners view the company,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ivan Goh.

The company started off in 2015, providing consulting services and reselling third party cyber-security products. It grew rapidly over the next two years, acquiring multiple customers across the region, and became profitable within a short period of time. Whilst working with enterprise customers on the services projects, the team started noticing a massive shift towards cloud adoption from the customers, particularly in cloud-security services adoption. “We also noted significant gaps in how other cyber-security vendors were addressing this shift,” said Ivan. “It was then, that we decided to capitalize on this opportunity, shifting our focus to address these gaps.”

In late Q2 2017, Avnos founders embarked on a journey to create a robust cloud-based platform that will help redefine how enterprises view their network perimeters today. Ivan said, “Before we began this journey, we shared our grand vision of redefining traditional network perimeter technologies through the cloud with many of our customers around the region. We were thrilled and encouraged by the extremely positive feedback that we have received from them.”

With a diversified pool of R&D resources across Israel and Asia, Avnos spent the rest of 2017 focusing on developing the first module of their product roadmap. Avnos EX, a cloud-based automated application whitelisting and management platform, the company’s maiden product was eventually launched in February 2018. While whitelisting isn’t a new concept, Avnos became one of the first few global vendors to provide true automation capabilities delivered through the cloud. Avnos also takes the concept of whitelisting a step further with its traffic control capabilities, which help to reduce enterprises’ cyber-attack surface significantly.

Ivan believes the leadership’s decision to bring new innovation to an old concept was proven to be the right course when the US National Security Agency (NSA) releases a video podcast in January 2018 acknowledging that whitelisting has reemerged as an innovative cyber strategy and is currently in the process of getting whitelisting implemented across all of the different agencies (including US Department of Defense).

Avnos, who’s regional HQ is based in Singapore, is the first cyber security start-up with a Singaporean and Israeli co-founding team. With offices in Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Jakarta, Avnos plans to expand its presence to Japan, UK and EMEA in 2019.

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