Avnos is cloud-based automated application whitelisting and management. Avnos helps you protect and manage your end point. Avnos give capability to allow only legit and safe application running in your environment, protect your endpoint from ransomware, control traffic between application, manage your asset and vulnerabilities at the same time mapping your organisation environment. Avnos bring solution to protect and manage your endpoint.

Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are one of the leading Cloud solution, Bistek as Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we offer licensing and services to support your journey to the cloud.


Panelo is cloud-based digital signage, deliver the right content to the right screens at the right moment, influences your audiences, engage them and grow your business. Panelo applied in many business, from retail industry as digital advertisement, to corporate users as effective internal communication system to deliver all your messages to the audience. 


Alibaba cloud provide cloud solution, at Indonesia Alibaba owned their data center. That provide more reliable and faster access. Bistek provide services subscription and work with partner for full range of services.


Tmnet provide you the complete solution for hospital. The solution combined between on premise application with cloud application that deliver robust and reliable solution for the hospital. Another unique feature from TMnet, its provide pay as you grow licensing schema and full manage services offering, allowing hospital focus on their business but stay at the top of technology without burden by the cost.


Panelo Trek is part of Panelo Technology that focusing video analytic enhancement. The services ranged from mapping your audience Demography, Face Recognition for attendance record into video surveillance system. With combination with Panelo Digital Signage this solution offer interactive, intelligent and effective advertisement using Digital Signage.

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