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Endpoint Security Services

by Avnos - 

Application whitelisting and Management, 

Avnos provide comprehensive protection and management to your environment with automation, and combined with other solution and services, we assist our partner to provide complete solution for customer security perimeter from network point of view into endpoint where the critical business process and data

Digital Signage Services

by Panelo Sign -

Cloud Digital Signage

Panelo technology offer great and complete solution for digital signage and its descendant such as Queuing system, Kiosk and as Digital Information system. The services provide full system and ready to use, from hardware into system include content creation.


The services divide into several industry, which are :

1. Retail Business

2. School and University

3. Food and Beverages

4. Internal Communication for Enterprise

5. Manufacturing

6. Hotel

7. Healthcare

Face Analytic and Recognition 

by Panelo Vision -

Visual Tracking Solution

With our technology and services, we provide comprehensive solution for face recognition as attendance system. The technology enabled any camera to have face recognition function and cloud services to provide easy, fast and secure attendance system.

Corporate Communication Services

by Panelo -

Cloud Digital Signage

Our services help customer delivering the company vision, streamlined KPI over the department, publishing news, celebrating achievement, important announcement, increasing productivity campaign into emergency alert system. We offer system into content creator with monthly package that ensure your corporate communication have reliable system to support their job without burdening with bunch of license and hardware.

Azure Migration Services

by Bistek  -


Bistek provide our partner help their customer to fully utilise Azure and Office 365 services to make more profitable business. Bistek help our partner prepare cloud business model with Azure services. We work closely with partners to onboard customers into the Azure IaaS and PaaS platform through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing channel. As part of this we assist partners with migrating resources from different sources in to Azure.  Our experts provide guidance and consulting for various scenarios involved in the journey to the cloud

Managed Cloud Services

by Bistek  -


Bistek provide services that provide licensing services to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Alibaba Cloud with day to day operation services, include but not limited adding or removing users/ application, optimising license, monthly report and regular backup. The services main goal is to help customer with no or limited resources to manage their Information Technology infrastructure. Our partner can combined with their owned services such as partner application solution and deliver to the customer as one package with single billing and report.

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