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Application Licensing

Cloud and Subscription Software License Ecosystem

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What Bistek can DO

Bistek ecosystem platform make selling cloud solution and software licensing easier to your customer. Bistek ecosystem platform help you manage your customer license, consolidate billing system, provisioning solution, packaging solution, create report and invoicing.

With Bistek, we help transform costly and complex solution into Opex pricing model with customize payment period that enable your customer focus on their business without burden by expensive software acquisition licensing and deployment services.


Our partner can package solution between cloud or subscription software licensing, adding Bistek Professional Services or Partner Owned Services  and other component  to deliver complete solution to their customer. 


Bistek ecosystem platform enabling System Integrator and Services Provider move toward Cloud and Subscription Business Model. 



We do everything in partnership with our ecosystem of software and service provider. Bistek ecosystem platform assist our partner transform them into cloud Business model hence expand their market to virtually anywhere.



We seeking collaboration to deliver the best solution to your business, join forces with ecosystem of software. Expertise Consultan and Professional Services with unified reporting to simplified complex solution into simple value and easy to use for your customer business.

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Continuous Revenue

Our goal is always to create sustain and profitable longterm business, from solution provider and customer. Combination between the solution ecosystem, our expertise and experience, consultation, provisioning and reporting provide strong relationship with your customer with recurring profit.



We are opening a new opportunity to all partners. You can earn rewards with our SPIFF (Sales Promotion Incentives Funds) program for new customers

Our Ecosystem



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Automated Application Whitelisting & Management

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